Body Butter

Body Butter

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This whipped butter is made from a combination of the worlds most soothing and hydrating oils. Oat oil is prized for its ability to soothe dry and itchy skin, and the difficult-to-extract oil is incredibly rich and nourishing. Mixed with hemp seed oil full of omega fatty acids, this is the ideal moisturizer for skin prone to irritation.

The butter is finished with Monoi di Tahiti oil, a highly emollient and protective oil made by infusing oils with Polynesian tiare flowers, used by Tahitians for centuries for their healing properties.

This body butter is very silky to the touch with excellent melting properties; even if you do not have special skin needs, you'll love it too.

How To Use

Take a very small amount of the Whipped Body Butter out of the jar (even less than you think you will need, maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon) and apply it to the skin of your body, adding more as needed. As it melts, rub it in for a few seconds until absorbed.

This listing includes one 70 gram jar of Whipped Body Butter

Sensitive & Dry Body Butter Ingredients:

Raw Cocoa Butter
Organic Virgin Shea Butter
Hemp Seed Oil
Oat Oil
Monoi di Tahiti Oil

*CAUTION: While these ingredients are safe for just about everyone, it is always a possibility that you might experience irritation or other unpleasant reaction. As with any other new substance you put on your body, please do a small patch test prior to using on your face, just to be absolutely sure you are not bothered by it.

Some essential and carrier oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy. If you are or are trying to become pregnant, please discontinue use of this product until you feel comfortable to resume post-partum with the agreement of your health care provider.**

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