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Handmade Business: Forget Setting Goals Today

Handmade Business: Forget Setting Goals Today

Like anything in life, what you get out of your business is directly linked to what you put into it. 

If you set tough business goals for yourself, such as launching your own Etsy store or website, you need to make the time to devote to getting traction in that space. That could mean spending many hours a week updating the product listings, taking good photographs, staying on top of social media, and managing inventory at the stores you stock and the markets you attend. Oh, and of course, creating your product and filling orders. Having a small handmade business can quickly become a large time investment, so its important to keep the overall goals in mind so you don't get burned out or worse, start hating what you used to love.

So how do we even make room for thinking about the goals we should have and planning out how we will achieve them? Setting any goal is HARD and depending on how you're wired, you might not even want to. You have too much going on, you'd rather be creating - maybe tomorrow. You know you shouldn't delay goal-setting because it defies pretty much all the solid business, success, and life advice ever. Does that mean everyone does what they should and sets perfect goals and lives productively ever after? Not at all. Most of us are just barely holding it together while trying so hard to look like we have everything under control.

Stop fighting it. If setting goals isn't something you want to do, then don't do it.   

Forget the future. Don't worry about making plans B through G if plan A doesn't work. 

Make today a positive place for you. If you feel good when the table is cleared off, then go over there and do that. As soon as that's done, feel that little spark of achievement. It is the same good feeling that comes when you cross anything off the to-do list. While you're standing there, holding onto that warm glow, think about something you want. It suddenly seems a tiny bit closer than it was before. 

Sometimes setting goals gets in the way of doing what it takes to get there. We often don't let our intuition lead, but sometimes that's what we need.  Pioneers and visionaries are not necessarily the most structured and organized people, so try not to worry that you aren't on the path to success. You are and you're going to make it up as you go along. 




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